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Medical News Today
Deaths Due to Suicide, Homicide on the Rise Among U.S. Youth
12 HRS AGO - More teens and young adults are coming to a violent end in recent years, either at their own hand Expand
Your Personality as a Teen May Predict Your Risk of Dementia: Study
12 HRS AGO - Being calm and mature as teen were each associated with roughly a 10% reduction in adult dementia Expand
Why Maintaining a Healthy Weight Is Important in Adulthood
12 HRS AGO - Those who gained weight as adults had a higher risk of premature death than those who maintained a Expand
Aging Population, Unhealthy Habits Underlie Expected Cancer Surge
14 HRS AGO - Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable cancer death, according to the atlas. In 2017, smoking Expand
Seafood Company Widens Recall of Frozen Tuna
15 HRS AGO - The products were sold to wholesalers in 23 states. It is not clear if the fish were then sold in Expand
Could a unique new fungus offer an opioid alternative?
17 HRS AGO - A new discovery in the estuarine waters of Tasmania may lead to the development of a safe and Expand
City: Shutter Plant Until Toxic Air Addressed
1 DAY AGO - The city of Covington, has called for a company to shut down its local medical sterilization plant Expand
MCI: Should memory tests score males and females differently?
1 DAY AGO - A new study finds that testing memory with sex-specific scores could lead to more females and Expand
Breast Milk Combats Growth of Bad Bacteria
1 DAY AGO - The study found that human breast milk inhibits the growth of the harmful bacteria Staphylococcus Expand
Next-Gen Artificial Pancreas Boosts Blood Sugar Control
12 HRS AGO - The device combines an insulin pump, a continuous glucose monitor and a computer algorithm.
Irregular Periods, Shorter Life Span?
12 HRS AGO - The study found that women who had irregular periods or extra-long menstrual cycles had as much as Expand
Is That Statin Doing You Any Good?
13 HRS AGO - Changes in clinical guidelines have increased the number of people eligible to take statins. In Expand
PTSD Linked to Stroke Risk in Younger Adults
14 HRS AGO - Young and middle-aged adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have an increased risk of Expand
Scientists liken mitochondria to Tesla battery packs
16 HRS AGO - Using high resolution microscopy, scientists show that mitochondria comprise many bioelectric Expand
Why raw dog food could be harmful for pets and owners alike
22 HRS AGO - Researchers have found that some raw dog food products harbor harmful bacteria that could cause Expand
Sweetened Drinks Still Top Sellers to Kids
1 DAY AGO - None of 34 sweetened drinks aimed at the youth market meet nutrition recommendations of the Expand
Does the rotavirus vaccine prevent type 1 diabetes?
1 DAY AGO - Scientists present a link between rotavirus infection and type 1 diabetes and suggest vaccination Expand
Mindfulness could boost opioid use disorder treatment
1 DAY AGO - A new study offers evidence that mindfulness could boost the effectiveness of traditional therapy Expand
Study: 95% of Baby Foods Contain Heavy Metals
12 HRS AGO - Nearly all foods made for babies contain at least one toxic heavy metal that can harm brain Expand
Certain Blood Pressure Meds Tied to Suicide Risk in Study
12 HRS AGO - People taking angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) appear to be more likely to die by suicide, Expand
Your Noisy Knees May Be Trying to Tell You Something
13 HRS AGO - This study is the first to assess this technique in a large number of people with knee Expand
Measles Devastates Families, Challenges Doctors
14 HRS AGO - The worst outbreak of the measles in the United States since 1992 has been declared over. But the Expand
Surgery Helps Tough-to-Treat Acid Reflux
17 HRS AGO - This surgery is done under general anesthesia with a laparoscope, a thin tube with a tiny video Expand
Estrogen exposure may stave off cognitive decline in women
1 DAY AGO - New research suggests that estrogen exposure and hormone replacement therapy can help maintain Expand
‘We Vape, We Vote’: Vaping Laws Become Political
1 DAY AGO - In response to the crackdowns on vaping, those who use or sell the e-cigarette products are Expand
Moms' Weight-Loss Surgery Tied to Lower Risk of Birth Defects
1 DAY AGO - The risk of major birth defects was about 30% lower in children whose mothers had weight-loss Expand
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